Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

Everyone loves to flaunt a contemporary and a trendy hairstyle. However, you should settle for a hairdo that is easy to maintain and looks great. One of the icons that is extremely popular with the teenagers is Lauren Conrad. Lauren is very experimental with her hair and she has a new look every time she is on television. The gleaming hair looks fabulous and is trendy as well.

If you want a hairdo like Lauren Conrad then you must invest money in a good shampoo and conditioner so that you have long and strong hair. The daily activities lead to the wear and tear of hair. Every time you use a blow dryer or a curling iron you must safeguard your hair by using a branded and a reputable heat product. You should shampoo your hair regularly so that you do not suffer from hair problems like hair fall, dandruff and so on.
One of the simplest Lauren Conrad hairdos is called twisted pull back. As the name suggests you need to pull back your mane so that it accentuates your facial features. People who have curly hair should straighten them first and then use bobby pins to pull back the parted sections. You must have long parted sections so that it gives an elegant look. With a little hairspray you should you should twist the parted sections just like the diva and you should firmly attach the bobby pins so that it stays kaput. You can wear your favorite dress and you can rock any party as you have the famous Lauren Conrad look.
You may have often seen Lauren flaunt a chic ponytail. It looks very neat and pretty. This hairstyle is also very simple and doable. You should straighten your hair with the iron first and then neatly comb your hair and tie it for a sleek and cool look. You can accessorize this style with a lovely scarf or a vibrant hair band. If you want to impress a guy back at school then you must try this simple yet sexy hairdo.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ed Hardy is a master of tattoo tastes. As an artist of the skin, Ed Hardy has been rocking the colorful tattoo art scene since the 1960s. Ed Hardy has created a brand name from the bottom-up with his amazing tattoo designs. Having mastered the art of vintage tattoo art, Ed Hardy now plasters his great designs all over hoodies, hats, t-shirts, jeans, sunglasses, and just about every other desirable accessory. Many celebrities rock this popular Ed Hardy apparel.

Ed Hardy hats became instant icons in the realm of trucker hats. Rivaling the popularity of Von Dutch hats within moments of its release, Ed Hardy hats have all the town talking. Starlets can be seen wearing Ed Hardy hats anytime--for a day about the town or a quiet night out. Jessica Alba is constantly spotted sporting one of her many Ed Hardy caps. To get Ed Hardy hats and shirts at a very reasonable price checkout

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Celebrities Wearing Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture is perhaps best known for its upmarket velour tracksuits, hoodies and drawstring pants. However, Juicy Couture is a premium designer of a range of sexy, sophisticated and yet basic clothing for women.
What Juicy Couture does best is the design of contemporary, casual lifestyle clothing. The fit is flattering and the brand has gained a huge celebrity following in recent years. In 2003, the Juicy Couture brand was bought out by Liz Claiborne, although the Juicy Couture brand remains alive and kicking. Since the takeover, Juicy Couture have launched ranges for men and children. In 2004, Juicy Couture Accessories and Juicy Beach Swimwear were launched and Juicy opened its first shop in Las Vegas.

To date, Juicy Couture also sell shoes, handbags, jewelry, key rings, sunglasses, watches and perfume and are opening further boutiques across the globe.

Which Celebrities have been seen wearing Juicy Couture?
Juicy Couture is a very popular brand with the Hollywood Set. To the left, there is a photo of Eva Longoria, of Desperate Housewives fame, wearing a lilac Juicy Couture tracksuit. Other celebs who have been seen out and about wearing Juicy Couture include Fergie, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Garner, Sarah Michelle Gellar, America Ferrera and Hilary Duff. We found a site that has a nice selection of terry cloth and velour Juicy Couture tracksuits at a great price. Check out